The Rental Process – GET ORGANISED

We understand moving can be an incredibly stressful time especially in a competitive market it can be difficult to obtain your preferred home. Follow our helpful tips below to increase your chances and reduce your stress levels!

  • Request a copy of an application form prior to the open home and submit them to local agents. Have your details filled in ready along with copies of 100 points of your ID. Please note all tenants over the age of 18 need to complete an application form regardless of whether they are to be listed on the lease – this is a must for insurance purposes.

    (A good Property Manager will process them and keep on file ready for the right property to pop up)

  • Include a cover letter even a photo of yourselves and any pets. A a proud Pug owner I always include a cover letter and references for my little guys to show an owner that they have nothing to be concerned about. Keep in mind an agent and owner don’t know you personally, this can help you stand out and personalise your application.

  • Your real estate references can be time consuming for an agent to chase and can take days to receive, be proactive and speak with your current/ previous agent and advise they will be contacted for a reference in the coming days.

  • Dress to impress! Present yourself well, just remember it can be difficult for an agent when they have multiple applications, make sure that you and your family stand out from the crowd.

  • Ensure you keep a close eye on on any children as in most cases there are still tenants residing in the property

  • Keep in mind as Property Managers we can give recommendations and guide owners on the selection however ultimately the decision is up to the owner.

Renting can be daunting, so let us simplify the process for you!

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