What is your biggest difference from a standard Real Estate?

A question we are often asked. After 15 years in the industry I have found that times are changing, people want a fast yet personable service.
Ever go through a drive through to pick up your coffee and have the cashier not even look at you, let alone smile or greet you? It doesn’t feel nice does it! Customer service no matter your industry – MATTERS!
I created a business model based purely on customer service and creating a positive experience. This means from the very first conversation; I want to get to know YOU.
We treat all of our clients as invidivduals – because we are all unique and all have different needs and communication styles. We create a tailored service based around your needs.
In an industry that suffers high staff turnover, we feel those frustrations of investors when they come to us.
That is why with Managed by Kate, you will have the same point of contact, Your very own designated Investment Manager for ALL of your Property needs, all year – Every year.
Instead of leaving a message with a receptionist and waiting what could be days for a reply, Phone us directly!
If you would like to experience the personable Managed by Kate difference, Phone Kate on 0413 358 521 for a confidential chat.
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