Will you lower your Percentage fee?

A question, naturally, we are often asked.
Respectfully, the answer will always be no.
But why?
Firstly, we know our worth, we know the service that we offer can’t be matched.
Secondly, it would be unfair to our clients who have remained loyal for the last five years to discount for service, for newer clients.
Thirdly, we would much prefer to grow slower, organically and attract clients who share our same pro-active approach, morals and integrity.
Simply put, we would prefer 100 quality managements, with clients who share our values over having to take on 500+ managements of poor quality to justify dropping our fees.
Fee dropping means:
* Staff managing more properties in excess
* Unsatisfied clients – slower/ poor communication – items being missed, such as maintenance falling behind
* Higher staff turnover
* Higher tenant turnover
* No client loyalty
Cheaper fees, may save you a few $$ per week, but could be costing you thousands in the long run.
If you would like to have a confidential chat with Kate, call 0413 358 521.
**Make sure to seek financial advice from your account and ensure that you are claiming all possible deductions, such as your management fees!**
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