Tax Depreciation – Get the most from your investment property

When it comes to affordability, the banks have made owning your first and subsequent investments challenging. In most cases you will need a 30% deposit plus costs to purchase an investment.

Make sure you have an accountant or financial planner who specialises in investing in property specifically. A good accountant can get you substantial refunds each year, they can advise the best way to structure your investments.

Did you know, you could be eligible to purchase a new investment with your superfund? Ask your accountant today.

As Property Managers your finances are outside of our care, however it is staggeringly scary just how many Real Estate Agencies and Investors aren’t aware of tax depreciation for your property.

For a small amount companies such as BMT Tax Depreciation will conduct a schedule on your home and depreciation fittings and fixtures over a 40 year span to assist with the depreciating costs.

Obviously newer dwellings and renovated properties are entitled to higher depreciation refunds than older properties, however a professional advise you on whether you are eligible – you must be pleasantly surprised!

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