The Importance of Condition Reports

In an alarming new trend some agencies are cutting back on the time spent documenting on ingoing condition reports to save on staffing expenses and photocopying costs by business owners.

The condition report is imperative to a smooth tenancy and a non-stressful vacating for both Landlord and Tenant. A thorough condition report will document in writing the fittings and condition throughout the internal and external of a property and also the external condition of the property. Photos of each surface regardless of damage is imperative, this shows the actual condition of an item such as walls or door ways at handover of the tenancy.

Given a Tenant is expected to return the property in the same condition it is imperative to start the tenancy off with a well documented property.

A tenant has 7 days to return a condition report from the date of the lease signing. If an agency has only performed a quick inspection with limited photos this can put the Landlord and Tenant both at risk.

If you find as a Tenant, that your agency has provided you with an inefficient report with minimal details, ensure that you use this time to complete the tenant comments section with as much detail as possible relating to any issues with the property from scuff marks, to dents or even condition of the grass.

Keep in mind as a tenant it is your responsibility to return the property in the same condition than it was given to you. So I cannot emphasise the importance for the Agency, Landlord and Tenant to have a clear understanding and documentation to support the current condition to avoid any discrepancies or tribunal issues at the end of the tenancy which can cause undue stress and financial pressure on all parties involved.

If you cannot return your condition report within the 7 day time frame phone your agents as soon as possible to arrange for it to be returned, please keep in mind that an Agency does not have to accept the report after this time period.

As a Landlord if you find your agency starting to cut back on essential services, it might be time to move your property to an Agent who understands the legislation clearly and won’t comprimise your management. Don’t be afraid to ask for a copy of your properties ingoing condition report.

If you are a Landlord or Tenant and have questions regarding condition reports or would like some friendly string free advice, please do not hesitate to call me.

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